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Ok this for last year 2007! April 8, 2008

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2007 was good and bad year for me here as a telco professional. The bad side is my contract from Cingular (now AT&T) ended in March 2007. But it did not stop me in pursuing jobs in telco while waiting for a right job I ended doing menial job just to meet both ends. It was a big change for me doing physical work from parking cars, pushing planes, throwings luggages/bags, climbing ladders, sitter for PSTD, etc. To me I feel I did it all and couple with it my savings got depleted and all of my credit cards were max.

But inspite of that God is always good to me and my wife. We ended living in a FREE apartment why is it? After our lease ended in June 2007 I was lucky to landed a job as a Manager of an Apartment complex from July-Dec 2007. That really help us in our financial problem. It was not as demanding of my time and the owner is so good to me that I can work my time just to feed myself, wife and pay bills.

2007 has taught me lot in life and I know that the good side will come and so it did in November…….Until the next blog…bye……

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