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T-Mobile stint! July 9, 2008

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Our group belongs to field operations which handles all the transport project implementation. We do all the dirty works! on the DACs and ATM switch. But we manage to organize and systematized out job mainly because we used automated scripts in getting our cross-connects on both side of equipment.

Each of us are a lead in every cut-over we do because we conference people to participate and do their part of the project. The hardest part of this is doing it in the maintenance window (12 midnight) and we need to finish it by 5am. So a lot of pre-work is being done during the daytime from the start you have receive the work order from the design team.

Pre-work is hard work! Everything should be precise and well coordinated otherwise if you missed a single thing then your work will slide and you will have no more time to troubleshoot.

The key in getting it successful is planning and organizing.

My first site visit for T-Mobile July 6, 2008

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I am looking for that photo that I took for the first time when I visited a site in Tustin, CA. I can’t find it from my HD. I have to publish that here because that is the first photo I took.

I found the picture…..at last…..here it is…..T-Mobile has a space inside this AT&T Bldg.


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