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Training at ALU – Naperville, IL September 28, 2009

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It was great day at the training site, we were out for a while because of a fire drill! I attended the 9370 RNC UAO6 OAM and Troubleshooting.

Alcatel-Lucent University

Alcatel-Lucent University is the company’s premiere organization for continuous learning and professional development, presenting world-class learning opportunities in the areas of products, technical, functional and leadership development.

Alcatel-Lucent University is located at 2000 Lucent Lane Naperville, IL 60566

Visit their website at http://alcatel-lucent.com/university/


My 1st Anniversary at AT&T Mobility – Sep 2, 2009 September 5, 2009

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100_3590 Ok I was surprise that I got this email from a company named OC Tanner, in the email it says I got a delivery to my old address and it was refused. Naturally, I replied back telling them of my new address and a couple of days passed and came these gifts from the company. OC Tanner handles this sending of gifts to AT&T Mobility employee whose years of service to the company are matched by special gifts.

For my one (1) year anniversary from AT&T I got this Back Pack, of course with company’s logo and a matching Name Tag. I am proud to be an employee of AT&T.

Look at the picture above. Cool!

ALU 9370 RNC & 9353 WMS Training – A new way in managing NodeBs September 1, 2009

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I was sent to a 4-day training last week in Phoenix about the new RNC being deployed in all AT&T Mobility markets. RNC 9370 is a robust hardware that is capable of handling existing NodeBs in AT&T Mobility Network. The RNC 9370 comes in a single and dual in one cabinet. See picture below.



The Operations, Administration, Maintenance and Provisioning (OAM&P) is being done using WMS (Wireless Management System). The Wireless Management System (WMS) delivers an integrated UMTS management platform through which all Network Elements (NEs), or NodeBs, are monitored and controlled. It provides the complete end-to-end management solution for UMTS networks. The WMS manages the entire UMTS network which is divided into the UTRAN and core (circuit and packet) areas. The Access Network OAM manages the UTRAN part of the network.

The deployment of these RNC started in 2008 and by end of 2009 or early 2010 it would have installed around 200, replacing the existing RNC 5200, in all of the AT&T regions. The deployment is an upgrade to ensure network reliability and performance.

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