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iPAD Launching January 27, 2010

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The most advanced technology in a magical and revolutionary device at an unbelievable process.


Starting at $499.


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PCSO detectives get iPhones January 25, 2010

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by Lupita Murillo
Crime fighting goes high tech .

Recently, the Pima County Sheriff’s Department issued iPhones to all 132 detectives. Now they’re able to access criminal information from the palm of their hand.

Det. Derek Ogden works night detectives, and he spends part of his time in an unmarked sheriff’s car investigating crimes. So the latest crime fighting tool he carries is an I-phone.

“It’s a very valuable tool, it allows us internet access, mapping program, Cop Link, all different kinds of things really useful when we we’re out in the field,” says Det. Ogden.

Det. Renee Hesser is assigned to the domestic violence unit. At her desk and at her fingertips she can access Cop Link, the Google for law enforcement, now when she’s out in the field, she’ll be able to do the same.

Det. Hesser says you can push the mug shot button on the screen, three mug shots show up. It also shows previous arrests, which agency made the arrest in Pima County. It also shows the docket numbers, the dates, the addresses where the arrests took place.

“We can then use that information to try and locate these people when we are in middle of an investigation and we don’t have time to go back and sit in a computer in the office so that’s where its really going to come in handy,” says Det. Hesser.

Officials say the sheriff’s office probably has the lowest ratio of officers per population than any other agency in the state. That’s why they are relying on technology like this to fill in the gap.

Lt. Jim Berry says, “We’re trying to use technology to try and make our department more efficient and more responsible to the public and provide a level of service that is equal to or better than other agencies that have a much higher ratio of officers to population.”

Saving time, and arresting criminals quicker. The iPhones were purchased through Homeland Security funds.

Revised Blog Pages January 22, 2010

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Today I revised the title of the Notes tab to Maintenance Notes to reflect more on the page contents.

Also, I added iPhone Apps tab to post all my evaluation and rating to the Apps I had installed from my iPhone.


Picture above is my iPhone 3G with 8GB of memory.

I’ll be posting articles for the iPhone in addition to the regular articles I’ve been doing.

Learn more about AT&T Network January 8, 2010

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