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Managing Vendors at AT&T April 24, 2010

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The management of installation supplier in AT&T is govern by ATT-TP-76300, AT&T Installation Requirement.

ATT-TP-76300, AT&T Installation Requirements, provides general requirements when doing equipment installation, modification, removals or building work activity in the central office environments of AT&T.

ATT-TP-76300 applies to all types of telecommunication equipments installations, e.g., switching, transmission, power, etc and building infrastructure.

ATT-TP-76300 is applicable to all installation activities in the central office environments of AT&T, regardless of who performs the work. This includes AT&T personnel, Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLECs) personnel, as well as any contracted installation suppliers performing work for AT&T or on behalf of CLECs. For installations at Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) locations, refer to ATT-TP-76911.

The intent of ATT-TP-76300 is to familiarize the Installation Supplier with AT&T installation procedural requirements by:
a) Covering the precautions to be taken to protect personnel and to prevent service interruptions and degradation during the installation activity.
b) Outlining the basic standards to which the Installation Supplier’s performance will be expected to conform for job acceptance purposes.
c) Defining the necessary documentation used to detail the installation activity.
d) Defining installation start, job completion and job acceptance procedures.
e) Identifying AT&T involvement during the various aspects of the installation operation.

This document provides the installation supplier a guide and standard to what ever type of work they are doing in an AT&T facility. Installation supplier must have a copy of this document as their guide at all times.

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