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Alltel is now part of AT&T Wireless in Montana, Wyoming, Utah and Colorado. The network upgrade in your area is now complete. April 3, 2011

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your Alltel service is being transitioned to AT&T

AT&T has completed its acquisition of select Alltel properties in Montana, Wyoming, Utah and Colorado. AT&T is working to integrate these properties to deliver on AT&T’s commitment to provide the best possible experience and to help you connect with what matters most to you now, and in the years to come.

How is my service going to be impacted?

When your service transitions to AT&T, you can look forward to:

Find more information

This website contains important information for existing and new customers as well as answers to common questions you have about the merger.

About the merger with AT&T

Alltel in your area is now a part of AT&T
Learn more about the merger.

Information for New Customers

Find the perfect phone and plan with AT&T. Learn about the terrific deals now available to you.
Learn more about what is available to you.

Information for Existing Customers

Are you an Alltel customer with questions about how the merger affects you? Get answers and up-to-date information about how your service will be impacted.
Learn more about how the merger benefits you.

Transition Tips and Frequently Asked Questions

Get the latest updates related to your service transition, including key dates, important announcements, and tips on making your transition to AT&T easier. We have also compiled answers to the most frequently asked questions customers have about their service transition.
Learn more about your service transition.

For information on AT&T products and services go to att.com.
For information on AT&T’s acquisition of Alltel click here.
To find an AT&T store near you view our store locator.


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