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ET2 Failure

I got an alarm on the BSC 2205 ET2 Failure


**  ALARM  ET-228     1A005-07    PXRECE                              
    (1870) 2205 ET2 FAILURE                                                    
    01 FF


Interpretation of alarm

Alarm 2205 is define as ET2 Failure (ET-228). Hardware or RAM failure on the plug-in unit.

Type of fault is 01 – checksum error in load module of RAM. FF means on the BSC otherwise TCSM.

To solve problem you must replace the ET plug-in unit. Follow the procedure in replacing the the ET plug-in unit.


1. Sudhanshu Tonk - May 23, 2010


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2. Yugten - May 23, 2010

Hi Sudhanshu,

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