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Replacing a Juniper M230 SIB Card

The SIBs provide the switching function to the destination FPC (see Figure 1). The SIBs create the switch fabric for the router, providing up to a total of 320 million packets per second (320 Mpps) of forwarding.

Three SIBs are installed in the router. The SIBs are located at the center rear of the chassis in the slots labeled SIB0 through SIB2.

SIBs are hot-insertable and hot-removable.




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Below are the actual photos of the SIB






This photo is the front panel that
indicates the alarm on SIB-3









This photo shows the back side of the
Juniper M320









This photo is a close-up view
of the SIBs








This photo is the new card that
will replace the defective SIB


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