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T3 Fundamentals

This course book section is designed to assist the user of T3 technology understand the basic principles and concepts that are associated with DS3 networks. This book is designed to accompany an instructor presentation, but can also be used as a source of reference.

T3 is an upcoming technology that is being driven by the increase of the needs of customers to support higher bandwidth applications. T3 is commonly seen as the next step up from a T1 network for a user to get better response times for data networks as well as consolidation for large voice networks.

In this course we will discuss the topics that are important in the setup and understanding of typical T3 networks. We will start out with a brief history of T3 and the driving forces for T3 networks. We will then discuss in detail the construction of the T3 frame, discern the
differences between various framing methods, what line coding method is used on T3s, main applications that are used, and how to troubleshoot T3 networks.

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