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Commissioning BSC3i

Overview of BSC3i commissioning

These instructions are intended to be used in the commissioning of the system in the final location of the BSC3i. They can be used with the ANSI or ETSI environment BSC3i 1000/2000 variants. (For information on the commissioning of BSC3i 660, see Commissioning BSC3i in Nokia BSC/TCSM S11.5 Product Documentation.)
Prerequisites for the successful commissioning according to these instructions are that:

All the software that belongs to the BSC must be ready on the hard disks of the system before starting the commissioning tests. If there is newer SW available than what is installed in the BSC disk, the BSC must be
commissioned with the same SW that is installed on the disks. The newer SW is installed before the integration of the BSC.
In the final BSC site the tests which, according to the test logs delivered with the hardware, have already been performed at the test field of Nokia Corporation, do not necessarily have to be performed.
The purpose of the commissioning tests is to ensure that the BSC will operate correctly in the GSM network. When the commissioning tests have been performed in an acceptable manner, the BSC can be taken into
traffic. Depending on the configuration, the commissioning of BSC3i 1000/2000 takes around 3-5 working days.

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