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ALU Wireless Internet Command Language – WICL

The Wireless Internet Command Language (WICL) is primarily aimed at the configuration of network elements and allows to execute commands or sequence of commands (called a script) at the ROC level. Each WICL command applies for a type of NE and can manage objects stored in all main servers.

WICL is based on the Tool Command Language (Tcl). This means that WICL conforms to the Tcl syntax and provides an equivalent to most Tcl commands while the WICL scripts are interpreted only at the server level.

From another part, a Web-oriented interface allows to write and run high-level scripts called Wiclets. They rely on a fusion of HTML and WICL Server Page commands (WSP).

The Wireless Internet Command Language (WICL) gives the end user the possibility of performing OAM commands as a programming language. The user can configure the Network Elements (NEs) and execute OAM commands at the ROC level.

Access to the WICL is provided via the Network Service Platform (NSP) Graphical User Interface, where a WICL command or a script of WICL commands can be executed interactively from the WICL console or the WICL script editor tool. Access is also possible from the Main server by using WICL line mode shell.

Only users with granted privilege are allowed to launch the WICL GUI.

There is no resource access control taken by WICL, which means any user connected to the WICL session can see all the network elements managed by WICL.

Command examples:

Command Syntax:

rnc NODENAME getalarms -perceivedseverity "critical"


Display all critical alarms in the RNC 9370


    {notificationIdentifier "6841466"}
    {eventTime "20100428223921"}
    {eventType "qualityOfServiceAlarm"}
    {perceivedSeverity "MINOR"}
    {probableCause "underlyingResourceUnavailable"}
    {specificProblems "State change to disabled due to management operation"}
    {additionalText "State change to disabled due to management operationn State change to disabled due to management operation, Source Indicator:MANAGEMENT_OPERATION"}
        {NE_TYPE 238 alarmCode RNC_0081_00020 helpVolume RAN_iRNC_Fault_Analysis NE_FUTURE_KEY 1374 FUTURE_KEY 6841466 alarmSupportManualClear 1 alarmSupportAging 1 alarmId 1068647a DATA_SOURCE_ID ACCESS-DA-2}
    {additionalKeyString "6841466"}
    {correlatedNotifications ""}
    {activeStatus "1"}
    {unknownStatus "0"}
    {managedObjectClass "1003"}
    {managedObjectInstance "NW UTRAN EM RNCNODENAME"}


1. Ajay Mujumdar - December 4, 2014


I am working on a project that needs interaction with the ALU WMS server.
I have learnt that there is a way to interact with WMS through WICL server using WSP (fusion of HTML and WICL server page commands).
So there would be SDK for this.

Can you share the SDK or the link from where I can download?

Thanks and Regards,
Ajay Mujumdar

2. Ajay Mujumdar - December 4, 2014

If there is o SDK. Can you please share the API information for WICL server if you have?

3. sandeep - December 5, 2014

Hi ,

We have some work related to WMS server.Through WICL we can able to connect to WMS and do changes . Do SDK or API available in WMS (exposed) to send and receive requets and responses.


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