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How to get the cheapest SIM from AT&T

If you need just a simple pay as you go phone from AT&T then this is for you. First you need an unlocked phone that will work in a GSM network.

Buy an AT&T SIM unactivated from Amazon, a sample item link from below will direct you to Amazon.

Please click this link AT&T Sim Card Brand New Unactivated


Now the fun part, those unactivated SIM can be registered FREE from AT&T website. You will need the number which comes with the SIM which starts with 89.You will need this number to activate your SIM and Pay as You Go Plan from AT&T. The link below will guide you.

Please click this link  https://www.wireless.att.com/GoPhoneWeb/goPhoneLanding.do?method=activatePayGo

This will save you the initial money of owning a SIM from AT&T.

Hope you enjoy your wireless service.


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