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I am lagging behind my blogspot! Part II December 8, 2007

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Ok this is part II of my lagging behind my blogspot! Before getting started with my next job let me share some of my video clips I took during my site audit of cellsites around Arizona. Here are some of the video clips

After that Cingular stint I joined this company NetView as a Network Engineer doing field installation for their bank client. I am responsible for the Arizona market installing Cisco routers/switches and the whole rack cabinet. It was a quite an experience and I travel a lot to places from Tucson to Prescott. Below is one of the video clip on the way to Prescott

I am lagging behind my blogspot! Part I December 8, 2007

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So many things happened I’ll be just catching up for now.

It was a worthwhile, productive and innovative period in performing my job at Cingular. I have developed a system procedure for automated backup for most of the network element in the MSC. I have done their Nortel R4 Switches, Nortel SDM, Nokia BSC, Alcatel 1630/1671 DACS, and Nokia SGSN each of these elements  has different media which deliver us to have a huge cabinet just for these medias.

The last three months with Cingular was doing cellsite audit and it was fun going around Arizona. We have our own laptop to fill-up forms, took 360 degress pictures of the in/out of the cellsite, and did some minimal maintenance on the hatch plate antenna. I’ll post some of the video clips I have taken during my audit next.

My last day at Cingular was March 30, 2007 it was a sad day for me losing a job that taught many things in the telco industry and of course missing the friends I made at Cingular MSC Phoenix. I got a picture of two of my friends below

On my left is Jason and next to him is Jeremy they are both good people I met them at Cingular. Jason is still there but Jeremy moved to San Diego he accepted a better job and pay. I hope someday I would see them in the industry.

So much for Cingular stint.

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