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LTE Overview May 21, 2010

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LTE (Long Term Evolution) standardization within the 3GPP (3rd Generation Partnership Project) has reached a mature state. Changes in the specification are limited to corrections and bug fixes. Since end 2009 LTE mobile communication systems have been deployed as a natural evolution of GSM (Global system for mobile communications) and UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System).

The ITU (International Telecommunication Union) has coined the term IMT-Advanced to identify mobile systems whose capabilities go beyond those of IMT 2000 (International Mobile Telecommunications). Specifically data rate requirements have been increased. In order to support advanced services and applications 100Mbps for high and 1Gbps for low mobility scenarios must be realized. Throughout 2009 3GPP has worked on a study with the purpose of identifying the LTE improvements required to meet IMT-Advanced requirements. In September 2009 the 3GPP Partners made a formal submission to the ITU proposing that LTE Release 10 & beyond (LTE Advanced) should be evaluated as a candidate for IMT-Advanced. Beyond achieving technical requirements, a major reason for aligning LTE with the call for IMT-Advanced is that IMT conformant systems will be candidates for future new spectrum bands that are still to be identified. This ensures that today’s deployed LTE mobile networks provide an evolutionary path towards many years of commercial operation.

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Courtesy of Rohde & Schwarz website.

Project Supervision according to AT&T May 4, 2009

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Network Coverage Area

There are a lot of projects going on in the AT&T Network especially in the wireless group which we called AT&T Mobility. AT&T Mobility is huge in terms of wireless subscribers. As of this date there are 62M subscribers nationwide covering four (4) regions/markets, namely: North East, South East, Central, and West. Below is the coverage area nationwide including Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico/US Virgin Islands.



icon_bestAT&T National GSM Coverage

icon_noneNo Service available

View 3G/Mobile Broadband coverage (in select areas)

My Region

The region where I belong is the West Region/Market which includes 12 states, namely: Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico. Tucson, AZ where the MSC is located and where I do my work.

Since I join the company all of the task of project supervision and overseeing vendor/contractors were assigned to me. Most of the projects are related to expansion of the network, upgrades on both software and hardware, local support, and coordination with vendor on site survey and inspection. The process of managing a project or what we call Change Request (CR) has different steps that must be undertaken to adhere to the AT&T standards.

AT&T Standards

Below is the checklist which we follow when a vendor or contractor can start a job in an AT&T premises.


thumbs_up Vendors and their contractors must all have a valid AT&T “RED CARD” or completed the AT&T Supplier Awareness Training.

      AT&T “RED CARD” – Verify the expiration date.

      AT&T Supplier Awareness Training – Verify via the AT&T Supplier Awareness Training database.

thumbs_up Vendor has read and signed the AT&T Mobility Switch Location Polices?

      Attach AT&T Mobility Switch Location Polices signature sheet to back of Job Start Check List.

thumbs_up Night switch technician has reviewed the contractor sign-in log policy with contractor?

thumbs_up Vendor has “YELLOW” job folder on-site?

thumbs_up Vendor has an AT&T Engineering Design Package (EDP)?

thumbs_up Vendor has an AOTS Change Request Number?

      The Switch Technician will enter the following information;

      AOTS CR# ____________________________________

      AOTS START DATE/TIME: _________________________________________

      AOTS END DATE/TIME: ___________________________________________

thumbs_up Vendor has a signed “Vendor MOP”?

      Dry Run Section of “VENDOR MOP “ is signed by the Implementation Engineer or Switch Manager?

By signing this document I am acknowledging that I have completed all of the above items.

_____________________ _____________________ _________________

        Print Name                     Signature                       Date

Bahamas!!!!Bahamas!!!! June 9, 2008

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I got a chanced to work in Bahamas for more than a month as an Integration Engineer for Nortel. Working for Bahamas Telephone Company a government run telco that provides wireline and wireless serivices to the whole islands of Bahamas. Their platform is GSM and has a lot of room for improvement.


My first half of the month was in Nassau and the rest of it is in Freeport. Bahamas is a Carribean island south of Florida. People are friendly and nice especially to foreigners. I got a chanced to take some pictures and videos which I will share to you.

 View from hotel

This where I stayed in Freefort!

And the video as promise!

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