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Scribd – A new way in online social reading January 27, 2011

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Scribd is the world’s largest social reading and publishing company. We’ve made it easy to share and discover entertaining, informative and original written content across the web and mobile devices. Our vision is to liberate the written word, to connect people with the information and ideas that matter most to them.

Where the World Comes to Read

Think of Scribd (pronounced “skribbed”) as the largest book club on the planet — except that anyone can join the conversation on any topic imaginable: vampire fan fiction, European travel, the latest research in neuroscience, even crossword puzzles.

Reading long-form written content (books, magazines, documents) has been a solitary experience for too long, but technologies now exist to bring people together through their shared interests. Every day, millions of people contribute to the conversations happening on Scribd by commenting, rating and Readcasting to friends on Scribd, Facebook and Twitter.

Scribd has converted over a billion pages of written works into web pages, which means that it’s also easy to access what you’re reading from any web-enabled mobile device like your iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone or even Amazon Kindle. In addition, most Scribd content is available to download or print, giving readers even more choices for reading and sharing.

Democratizing Publishing

Scribd’s patent-pending conversion technology has democratized the publishing process. Now, anyone can instantly upload and transform any file — including PDF, Word and PowerPoint — into a web document that’s discoverable through search engines, shared on social networks and read on billions of mobile devices.

Scribd is where your content finds an audience. Millions of people come to Scribd every day to read and discuss business presentations, poetry, magazines and the latest best-sellers. Scribd’s content publishers include the biggest names in book publishing, media, government and entertainment. Many more are people just like you.

Scribd acts as a hub for all your written content — where you can upload, organize and distribute your work on the web and mobile devices. Our publisher-friendly tools include collections, shelves, Readcasting and statistics. To learn more about how to get the most out of your Scribd experience, read our Scribd 101 series or Partner page.

Re-Writing the Rules

Scribd has maximized the power of the web to bring readers and creators of written content together, regardless of physical or format constraints. History has witnessed only a handful of major innovations in publishing and reading: cave drawings, the invention of written language, the printing press, the Internet. We’re experiencing another pivotal moment in this history. Join us for the next revolution.


Defending AT&T June 2, 2010

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Steve Jobs introducing the iPad in January (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Steve Jobs said:

“They’re doing pretty good in some ways and in others they could do better. We meet with them once a quarter. Remember, they deal with way more data traffic than anyone else. And they’re having trouble. But they have the fastest 3G network, and they’re improving. I wish they were improving faster. I’m convinced that any other network, had you put the iPhone on it, would have had the same problems.”

Managing Vendors at AT&T April 24, 2010

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The management of installation supplier in AT&T is govern by ATT-TP-76300, AT&T Installation Requirement.

ATT-TP-76300, AT&T Installation Requirements, provides general requirements when doing equipment installation, modification, removals or building work activity in the central office environments of AT&T.

ATT-TP-76300 applies to all types of telecommunication equipments installations, e.g., switching, transmission, power, etc and building infrastructure.

ATT-TP-76300 is applicable to all installation activities in the central office environments of AT&T, regardless of who performs the work. This includes AT&T personnel, Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLECs) personnel, as well as any contracted installation suppliers performing work for AT&T or on behalf of CLECs. For installations at Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) locations, refer to ATT-TP-76911.

The intent of ATT-TP-76300 is to familiarize the Installation Supplier with AT&T installation procedural requirements by:
a) Covering the precautions to be taken to protect personnel and to prevent service interruptions and degradation during the installation activity.
b) Outlining the basic standards to which the Installation Supplier’s performance will be expected to conform for job acceptance purposes.
c) Defining the necessary documentation used to detail the installation activity.
d) Defining installation start, job completion and job acceptance procedures.
e) Identifying AT&T involvement during the various aspects of the installation operation.

This document provides the installation supplier a guide and standard to what ever type of work they are doing in an AT&T facility. Installation supplier must have a copy of this document as their guide at all times.

iPAD Launching January 27, 2010

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The most advanced technology in a magical and revolutionary device at an unbelievable process.


Starting at $499.


Click here for more info.


PCSO detectives get iPhones January 25, 2010

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by Lupita Murillo
Crime fighting goes high tech.

Recently, the Pima County Sheriff’s Department issued iPhones to all 132 detectives. Now they’re able to access criminal information from the palm of their hand.

Det. Derek Ogden works night detectives, and he spends part of his time in an unmarked sheriff’s car investigating crimes. So the latest crime fighting tool he carries is an I-phone.

“It’s a very valuable tool, it allows us internet access, mapping program, Cop Link, all different kinds of things really useful when we we’re out in the field,” says Det. Ogden.

Det. Renee Hesser is assigned to the domestic violence unit. At her desk and at her fingertips she can access Cop Link, the Google for law enforcement, now when she’s out in the field, she’ll be able to do the same.

Det. Hesser says you can push the mug shot button on the screen, three mug shots show up. It also shows previous arrests, which agency made the arrest in Pima County. It also shows the docket numbers, the dates, the addresses where the arrests took place.

“We can then use that information to try and locate these people when we are in middle of an investigation and we don’t have time to go back and sit in a computer in the office so that’s where its really going to come in handy,” says Det. Hesser.

Officials say the sheriff’s office probably has the lowest ratio of officers per population than any other agency in the state. That’s why they are relying on technology like this to fill in the gap.

Lt. Jim Berry says, “We’re trying to use technology to try and make our department more efficient and more responsible to the public and provide a level of service that is equal to or better than other agencies that have a much higher ratio of officers to population.”

Saving time, and arresting criminals quicker. The iPhones were purchased through Homeland Security funds.

Project Supervision according to AT&T May 4, 2009

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Network Coverage Area

There are a lot of projects going on in the AT&T Network especially in the wireless group which we called AT&T Mobility. AT&T Mobility is huge in terms of wireless subscribers. As of this date there are 62M subscribers nationwide covering four (4) regions/markets, namely: North East, South East, Central, and West. Below is the coverage area nationwide including Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico/US Virgin Islands.



icon_bestAT&T National GSM Coverage

icon_noneNo Service available

View 3G/Mobile Broadband coverage (in select areas)

My Region

The region where I belong is the West Region/Market which includes 12 states, namely: Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico. Tucson, AZ where the MSC is located and where I do my work.

Since I join the company all of the task of project supervision and overseeing vendor/contractors were assigned to me. Most of the projects are related to expansion of the network, upgrades on both software and hardware, local support, and coordination with vendor on site survey and inspection. The process of managing a project or what we call Change Request (CR) has different steps that must be undertaken to adhere to the AT&T standards.

AT&T Standards

Below is the checklist which we follow when a vendor or contractor can start a job in an AT&T premises.


thumbs_up Vendors and their contractors must all have a valid AT&T “RED CARD” or completed the AT&T Supplier Awareness Training.

      AT&T “RED CARD” – Verify the expiration date.

      AT&T Supplier Awareness Training – Verify via the AT&T Supplier Awareness Training database.

thumbs_up Vendor has read and signed the AT&T Mobility Switch Location Polices?

      Attach AT&T Mobility Switch Location Polices signature sheet to back of Job Start Check List.

thumbs_up Night switch technician has reviewed the contractor sign-in log policy with contractor?

thumbs_up Vendor has “YELLOW” job folder on-site?

thumbs_up Vendor has an AT&T Engineering Design Package (EDP)?

thumbs_up Vendor has an AOTS Change Request Number?

      The Switch Technician will enter the following information;

      AOTS CR# ____________________________________

      AOTS START DATE/TIME: _________________________________________

      AOTS END DATE/TIME: ___________________________________________

thumbs_up Vendor has a signed “Vendor MOP”?

      Dry Run Section of “VENDOR MOP “ is signed by the Implementation Engineer or Switch Manager?

By signing this document I am acknowledging that I have completed all of the above items.

_____________________ _____________________ _________________

        Print Name                     Signature                       Date

I am lagging behind my blogspot! Part I December 8, 2007

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So many things happened I’ll be just catching up for now.

It was a worthwhile, productive and innovative period in performing my job at Cingular. I have developed a system procedure for automated backup for most of the network element in the MSC. I have done their Nortel R4 Switches, Nortel SDM, Nokia BSC, Alcatel 1630/1671 DACS, and Nokia SGSN each of these elements  has different media which deliver us to have a huge cabinet just for these medias.

The last three months with Cingular was doing cellsite audit and it was fun going around Arizona. We have our own laptop to fill-up forms, took 360 degress pictures of the in/out of the cellsite, and did some minimal maintenance on the hatch plate antenna. I’ll post some of the video clips I have taken during my audit next.

My last day at Cingular was March 30, 2007 it was a sad day for me losing a job that taught many things in the telco industry and of course missing the friends I made at Cingular MSC Phoenix. I got a picture of two of my friends below

On my left is Jason and next to him is Jeremy they are both good people I met them at Cingular. Jason is still there but Jeremy moved to San Diego he accepted a better job and pay. I hope someday I would see them in the industry.

So much for Cingular stint.

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